J.Express Crane Services is established and has earned a well-deserved reputation by providing top quality service and maintaining a professional attitude at all times.

Our director James Santos has over 40 Years experience in the Crane industry and has built up a good personal relationship with his clients over the years. He favours a one on one relationship with his clients and attends to their needs professionally an effectively.

J.Express Crane Services has a team of highly experienced technicians working side by side who never hesitate to assist their clients with breakdowns and maintenance requirements.

We specialize in the manufacturing distribution, Supplying, Maintaining, Installation and Servicing on all types of electric overhead Traveling Cranes as well as Hoists.

We offer Lifting Equipment and Industrial AC Drives for all types of Hoists and Cranes.

We offer a complete service and maintenance contract to keep your cranes and hoists in perfect working order either on a once of basis or as per contract.

The main objective of J.Express Crane Service is to satisfy their clients' needs and give them a product and service of outstanding quality as well as after sales service which are always on hand to help with any problems or queries immediately and in the best possible way.

With our Head Office situated in Alrode South it enables us to cover the whole PWV, EAST and WEST rand areas.


Striving to keep up with our ever-changing country, J.Express Crane Services has achieved broad base BEE Status and the LME certificate from our Department of Labour. We KNOW WE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the material handling and electromechanical engineering industry.

We strive to comply with the highest standards of quality assurance and provide you and your company with a safe working environment and a comprehensive electromechanical and material handling solution. We have a full accredited ISO management system in place and are available for inspection on request.
J.Express was formed to fill the gap for a professional service within the electromechanical and material handling industry at a value for money price without compromising quality. The company has developed and today provides various services in the electromechanical and material handling fields. Our commitment to provide our clients with a return on investment has meant that we had to focus on what is best for each individual client within the parameters of their environment. This has enabled J.Express to build up a secure and loyal client base in the market-place. J.Express offers numerous services in the crane and associated lifting industry: we specialize in design, manufacture, service, refurbishment, load test, plant automation and conversions to a full-integrated range of equipment.


Our well-established service division focuses on minimizing down time and believes in preventative maintenance.

New equipment and upgrading of existing equipment is sometimes the way to go to get outrageous maintenance spending within budget of the Customer.

Our fully trained and experienced technicians are on call all day to minimize unexpected down time.

Our filing and recording system of Services and Load Test Reports is available at all times to our contracted clients, with all relevant documentation.

Regular servicing helps to maintain the overhaul efficiency of plant and equipment and can avoid costly down time by spotting faults before they become critical to efficiency or safety.

Qualified technicians will carry out a condition report, general lubrication, and minor adjustment and will inform the customer of any other work necessary.

Program advantage of regular servicing: